Bedtime bigtime!

Ah do I need Jul lov or what:?!


I've managed to stay frisk for a while now even if I've felt it wanting to break my body, but I won't let it!

Today must have been the worst day in a long time, woke up with fever and it just kept going al day.
But - I decided not to give into it and now I actually feel ok!

The highlight of the day was meeting MO for a coffe! And the SMS I just got from mom!!!
Love and miss her so!!

Also my clients of course!!

Now some BB 51 - breath is the focus this time ! Yum!!!

2 morrow is a full on day again with 8 clients, some more BB prep and then an early night since SJ (I hope) is taking me to Halmstad 0620 Saturday mooooorning!

Malmö after that!

Work work work, love, live!!

Sat bam Jo
- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


alana da silva said...

sat BAM! ha ha ha... have a lovely weekend, girls!
puss o kram

mojo said...

And what a weekend it was :)

Now more BAM BAM BAM and some SAT to that!