Had a tough day after yet another night of bad sleep.
Thankfully, filling the day with energizing students, lovely friends (thanks C & JOJO!) and my rockin´PT, more than helped to get me through my waking hours.

I´ve reached one of my part goals with the lifting. I´ve started to even out the MAJOR differences between my left and right trapezius and rhomboids. Details, details some might think, but I know what such an imbalance can do to the rest of the body, both in everyday life but also in your training. If you saw the clip I uploaded a couple of months ago, you will really be able to tell the difference in my back in today´s mini-movie.

We filmed the new Hot MOJO sequence this afternoon. O.M.G it will ROCK da HOUSE!
I´m very proud of both the new Hot series, but also LOVE the new MOJO Yoga - which will reach clubs in January 2011!

Tomorrow: Robin and admin work. If I in any way could persuade my 1 1/2 year old that a lie in is the new black, I´d be extatic. Good luck with that.


Helena said...

Men hur snygg rygg har du!?

mojo said...

Puss, Helena.
Ta hand om dig & familjen i jul.