A fu*ker of a day

I had a bit of a morning.
It started off good with a great yoga class at 9am, but then went haywire in the gym shortly after.
I was in a great mood after class, I felt strong, almost invincible. Until I tried my squat that is.
I´ve had some problems with my right shoulder for a couple of weeks. It´s my upper trapezius that´s causing some serious problems when I load a heavy bar on top of it. It feels like putting a flame of fire deep down into wounded flesh.
The pain hit me REAL bad approx. 10 minutes into my session and I felt frustrated, angry and sad.
My trapezius is the one part of my body that ALWAYS stores stress and overload.

I know I´ve balanced a tight rope this autumn but I had it all under control until that deal went sour 2 weeks ago.
(I wish I could tell you exactly what happened, but I´m not going to bring it to that level.
Let´s just say that a major player truly fucked up a mutual contract... )
This caused a serious amount of negative stress and although I´m mentally past it - my body seems to be holding a long lived grudge.

That´s life for you. Take the good with the bad.

ANYWAY, tomorrow, I´m preparing for my last weekend of work for this year - a MOJO Yoga Certification at the MyrbergBjörn studio!!! ...and participating in Camilla Bergström´s 3h yoga workshop at Kåken! Mmmmm....can´t wait! Since I missed playing with Superman last weekend, it´ll be catch up time tomorrow.
Want to join us? Check out www.christinemyrberg.com for more information - there are a few spaces left.

Sleep well, MOJOs!

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Erika said...

Hoppas kroppen mår bättre idag!

Jag har åkt på halsfluss i veckan men är på bättringsvägen så vi ses garanterat nästa vecka igen! Gissningsvis både på Gymnasium och i studion! ;)

Ha en fin torsdag!