Wiser, Smarter, Sexier at 40?

I´m back!
After several days of celebrating leaving my 30s and entering my 40s, I´ve landed on my feet! :)
It has been an absolutely wonderful time of partying, socializing, celebrating and contemplating.

The amazing thing is that it FEELS different at 40. How?
Well, the last week has been a possibility to evaluate where I am in life, what I have achieved, where I want to go and lots of other different exciting train of thoughts.

A quick run through of what I have come up with:

* If you had asked me 5 years ago, I would NEVER have thought I would be married to the love of my life AND be the mother of a phenomenal 1 1/2 year old! Get your head around that one! Sometimes change DO happen more or less immediately. So cool.

* Professionally, I am about 100% more focused now, than I was four years ago. In my 20s and early 30s I just went with the flow and tried a bunch of different jobs (mostly within health and fitness), studied, partied, travelled and I wasn´t too bothered about where I would end up. It sounds awful, but it gave me a lot of experience to help me find the focus I have today.

* Privately, I have become very good at choosing my company. As time becomes more and more precious, I get better and better at only hanging with positive, loyal gals and boys who gives you an energy boost and makes you laugh and think and LIVE, rather than to chew on the old.

* I have NEVER been so at ease and in love with my body as I am right now, at 40.
It is the coolest, most wonderful thing. My body is strong, it can run, it can jump, it can bend, it can carry a heavy Robin up the stairs without protesting and as a bonus, it looks good in a dress!

What I wished I knew at 20:

* You cannot get everyone to like you, so don´t even try, and
* Don´t spend so much time worrying about others people´s business. Make your own.
* Running can be the Bomb.
* NO - eating fat will NOT make you fat - and
* Life do NOT change overnight if you loose 10kg.
* It is true, you can never change people. They can only do it themselves.

So, am I wiser, smarter, sexier at 40? My answer is: Hell, yeah! and the best thing is, I keep learning new things every day, so imagine what it´ll be like at 50?! ;)


Helena said...

Fina, kloka du...känns skönt att jag har 9 år på mig... ;)
Stor kram!

mojo said...

...och 9 otroligt spännande sådana, därtill! ;)

Varma kramar

susanita said...

Du är helt underbar!
Hoppas fina familjen haft en superskön julhelg.
Kramar från
Judith & Sus

mojo said...

SUS, ohhhhh alldeles för länge sen!
Hoppas ni mår bra, hela familjen?

Massa nyårskramar till er