Head/Body of Jo

Thank you ALL of you! For meeting and playing with me this weekend!!!

On the train back hOMe to Gbg now, 4 train rides and not a single delay... Wow! Must be the yoga ;)

Halmstad - waited outside FORM an hour but hey I had my yogamat to play on so :))

A lovely class and workshop on breath! And a BP class later I was on the train to Lund where I meet Mom! She's helping her friend and working in a gradinaffar:?! Hihi well - what can I say - it looked like she had done it all her life :) she is so talented!

Picking up grandma to celebrate her with köttfärsås and red wine + tears and laughter in the middle of nowhere! Whilst the cat and dog warmed eachother in the sofa :)

Sunday morning - 30min to Malmo and I got to meet one of my childhood best friends, I do love that we connect still, its a great feeling talking to her and reminiscing!!!
+ she is getting married next year jihoooooo!
I knew she was engaged but didn't think the wedding would come that soon. Then she told that she wanted to have kids before she was 30, and didn't want to be pregnant when she got married!
Wow - did I feel like I was 5 years old as I sat there listening... As she very calmly spoke I was thinking:
"wow, how can she know that...?!?!?! That she want that! It must be such a strong feeling and I want kids but I am so so so far away from them/it now!!!!"

Also a lovely fika with Best Ana K, damn I love her! I wish we lived much closer! I would go to her ever day after school and drink milk n eat her home made cookies!!! ;)

Hot John teaching BS! I remember meeting him the first time in a cab thinking "Damn this guy is hot, nice, great sense of fashion - Hm I wonder if he is gay... Hope not!!! - Hm what do you think....."

Teaching BB51 in Malmo was fab, fun and so grounding!
+ I had so many supa hot
Women to watch such as Soffan and Charlotte A amongst others!

And - this is one of the coolest parts of this weekend! Whist I'm working in the South, fierce Mo is growing little Mojo Yogis in our home town! How cool is that!!!

Now I'm loving for my man in the big city! Haven't seen him since Tuesday night!!!!

The only thing that could top this day would be some kind of 2nd Advent thingie!!!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


soffan said...

Jo: Tack för en GRYM kvartal och massor med inspiration du ljuvliga människa!

mojo said...

Åh JAG tackar!
Så mysigt att få sitta ner med dig lite innan :)

Vacker vecka!