Outside Form in Halmstad at 7:35....

I was having so much flow.....
Early at the centralstation to catch my train and by a coffe, but everything was closed, BUT I was happy anyway :)

Looking fw to warming up and flowing through BB 51 once I arrived at Form.

And what do I find - ice cold looked doors that says - we open at 930.... What? My class starts at 900!!!!!

And I need to pee sooooo badly...

What else could go wrong today?
Planning on doing BP with hot Pernilla B - but, I haven't signed up for the class (arbetsskada!!!) and might not get a spot...
Then my train to Malmo might get delayed/cancelled and I will miss celebrating my Grandma in Lund on the way cause there isn't enough time....

What else?
Oh yeah - I might fuck up the new BB release...

It will all be uphill from here :)
What do you think?
Or is it downhill:?
Which one is the better?
I know that I prefer downhill if I'm running but if I'm in a car uphill is greater cause the view :)


I guess it is all in your mind:?

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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