LOVE and WHIPPED CREAM and POWER and absolutely NO Pepsi Max to Jessica who decided to send me a CHERRY On the TOP Award!

The Cherry on the Top Award innebär att ”the Cherry” ska göra följande:

1. Tacka den som gav mig utmärkelsen.

2. Kopiera utmärkelsen till sin blogg

3. Avslöja tre saker man gillar

4. Skicka körsbäret vidare till fem andra bloggare som förtjänar det.

Here goes...

3 things that I like:

1. Well: My work! I don´t like it-I LOVE it. I cannot think of any other job that could be more rewarding than working with people and training. Magic.

2. Shoes. Preferably high heeled ones. The ones with the red sole will soon be mine.

3. Driving too fast. For Swedish speed limits that is. I would be fine in Germany. And that is what I will tell the Swedish traffic police the day I get caught. Because it´s bound to happen.

5 other bloggers that deserve the award? I´m sorry, but I´m quite useless in this department. I only read blogs by people that I know, like

Magnus Gårdmark

Linda Jonsson

Sara Rönne

Alana Da Silva

Jessica Clarén & Helena Olmås.

These people are either fantastic friends, very interesting, TALENTED and opinionated people or all of the above.

At least 3 of the names have already achieved the award, but hey, I´m just being honest. AND I´m breaking rules, 'cause that was 6 names. Well, let the blog Gods punish me, rules are made for breaking.



Rhett said...

I drive too fast and do not like my job...I envy you on the love of your job.

Being a guy I do not wear High Heeled shoes and would never wish to wear them. Do they not hurt your back and leg muscles?

mojo said...

Rhett: Loving your job is a fab place to be. Are you about to change direction in the new year?

Hahahaha, high heeled shoes are the BOMB, good for your core, not so good for your achilles tendons and gives you a fantastic posture!
(Although P, who is an osteopath, would probably say that they are one of the roots of back/leg evil...)


Magnus said...

Skrev något och avslutade sedan med "big hag" men ändrade det till BIG HUG:-) Det räcker så- kram!

Helena said...

Åh...tack fina Mo! Det värmer en sjukling i ett kallt Dalarna (oh, det är synd om mig...)..!
Skickar tillbaka ett kilo körsbär och "absolutely NO Pepsi Max".... :D