With a little help from my friends

Thank you thank you thank you,

JO: for an amazing energy boost this morning - ohhh, how I needed that!
My spirit was ELEVATED after our meeting. As always.

Christine: for so many laughs and such an organized IKEA run with follow up team work at MyrbergBjörn.

Jessica: for boosting SMSs and for creating such fabulous membership cards for the studio.

Camilla: for filling my body with yoga LOVE and fun.

Alana: for your company on the mat and (I´m sure) brilliant photographs.

P: for giving my trapz the treatment and attention that they so desperately needed.
(Even if I did feel like crying and even if I am such a cry baby when it comes to manipulations of the spine.) And for letting me rave on about the underlying cause.
And for yet again helping me find my true core. In more ways than one. ♥

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