Women who had IT in 2010

The year is coming to and end. Business wise, it has been an extraordinary year in many ways, with both highs and lows. The last couple of months turned out to be a rollercoaster ride that had more turns and twists than Balder... I´m ready to leave 2010 behind and LEAP into 2011. What will I bring and what will I leave behind in these new and fresh and exciting days ahead?

I will bring:
- more family time and less weekend work
- more work structure. I have an office from February 1, only that in itself will bring 100% better organization.
- my business partnerships. The only way to go.
- team work. I love my Incycle-crew!
- curiousness and courage.

What I will leave behind:
- a couple of really bad business deals, which sucked, but where I also learned a lot.
- the stress of the last 6-8 weeks of 2010. Some days I actually hardly recognized myself.
- not taking enough time off-for travelling, training and reading.

Who inspired me in 2010?
My family.
My students.
My team.
My new collaborations and partnerships.
Any famous people? Not that many actually, but here´s a few that did:

For her music, her charisma, but most of all for leaving the man who abused her and going public with it.

For her straightforwardness, her love of designer clothes, her "toys" and houses she bought herself - for her own money - in her LBZ (life before
Z) and how she indeed stands firmly on her own two legs, managing not only two, but in my opinion, three kids, one of which happens to be Sweden´s most famous footballer.

For her raw and real talent. For the full 3 pages spread in one of my favourite magazines, the British Marie Claire. For actually properly dressing up on the red carpet. For daring to leave, in more ways than one.

Does anything need to be said? Best song of the year, 2010, according to P3 is "Dancing on my Own". Of course. A social media QUEEN. Business- and entrepreneur savvy as few. Strong. Forward. And owned only by herself.

But, my biggest source of inspiration 2010 has come from a place very much closer to home.
With a few weeks exception during this last year, it has been my weekly fikas with the woman to the left in the photograph above that has been the most inspiring, fun, creative, mad and absolutely bloody wonderful. Thank you for 2010, JOJO.
2011 will be the year of the MOJO.

MAKE all your wishes come true.


Magnus said...

Teamlöv right back at ya:)

Martina said...

Happy new year MOJO QUEENS!!!

jessica said...

and moooore teamlöööööve <3

mojo said...




Du har verkligen varit the SUNSHINE of my 2010!

Can't wiat to do 2011 MOJO Style!