Love THIS life

Little guy during happier mouth days.
With the little guy having all his remaining teeth coming out at the same time, it´s not much sleep happening in my household at the moment.
It´s awful to see the pain that´s been going on in Robin´s mouth over the last 4 days, accompanied by fever and so much drool you could water the whole Sahara desert...
Focusing at work could be easier.
Lucky I have some lovely, dedicated students to work with!
I have probably said it before, but it´s worth repeating:
by teaching others you always learn something new about yourself.
It´s much more grateful and fulfilling, than I ever could imagine; having your own space.
Only in a few days it´s given me a sense of grounding that is hard to describe.

Started the day off by joining Christine´s class this morning - I LOVE her way of teaching! Good for me that I get to practice with her every week from now on! :)
After a bunch of privates, I picked up our new car... WHOOOOHAAA!

At first I wanted to stripe it: "MyrbergBjörn & MOJO Yoga" or something like that.
When I told P about this, he just stared at me. "You want to do what?"
"You know, stripe it...with a website address...?"
"What do you mean No?"
By now P is staring at me with that look on his face. He sighs and says:
"Hello? You should NOT be identified with any company of yours whilst driving"
End of discussion.

Shame on Parkeringskontoret that I need to store it in the country until we´ve sold our old car and can apply for a new parking permit...
Oh, well, who cares? I´m happy.
Actually, I love this life.

No, I won´t tell you which make or which reg.nr.
In case I need to honk you and overtake you whilst shaking my head furiously.


Träningsglädje said...

haha :)

pete* said...

Thank you for a wonderful class yesterday at the new studio.

Having never taken a yoga class with you before, I always expected it to be awesome....but I didn't think it would be QUITE SOO AWESOME! :)

Looking forward to many more in the future!


mojo said...

Sara: även en yogalärare kan ibland lida av bristande självinsikt...;)
Pete: Whaaaaooow! I'm blushing! THANK YOU!!!


Jennie said...

Jag har hört talas om din bilkörning, kommer dock inte ihåg detaljerna :)
Tack för träningsvärken!

mojo said...

Jennie: BRA att du inte kommer ihåg! ;)
Alltid lika underbart att se dig (och Hugo) in action!