Brains, skills, looks...What a seriously MAD day.


I´m shattered. I have a runny nose. My membranes are bone dry one minute - (and so sore I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe through my nose), and runny and wet the next. NOT nice.
And especially not nice during the busiest day of the week.

Yoga 9-10. Mmmmmm.
Phone meeting (brains). A crazy one too. Throwing me right out of my zone of comfort, but it went well and I´m proud of myself. However this story continues, I know in my heart what I´m worth.
Rushing off to meeting number 2 (skills), with JO (who also happens to sport a runny nose...we must have done too much snogging lately, LOL...) and a new face for both of us.
This meeting made me late for the third and seriously most crazy adventure of the day.

Meeting number 3 involved this (looks):

Fet...and walking back and forth in high heels. WHHHHEEEEYYY, I´ve been to my first casting - ever!
I had the question from the agency on Monday. I first said NOOOOO. And then thought: "Why the hell not? It makes me uncomfortable and it is not something I would get the chance to do (probably) ever again...so here goes Mo: Galloping into the area of FEAR!"
Evolve or die, you know.

The "things to do before you´re 40"-list is getting ticked off in an amazingly rapid speed lately... :)
Can´t tell you any more right now, but maybe next week...



ms said...

men visst har du modellat förut? har för mig att jag sett dig i en tapetkatalog.

mojo said...

Det stämmer!
Oj, har du sett det jobbet? Tror det var ECO-tapeter? (Jag vet inte ens själv vilka bilder som tillslut blev utvalda av byrån.)

För reklamjobb sker gallringen vanligtvis redan på planeringsstadiet (via agenturen)så man behöver aldrig visa upp sig live.

Det som hände igår var en casting, dit man går för att bli "tittad på och bedömd..". Usch. Som ett gammalt avelssto.
Jag var låååångt ur min vanliga bekvämlighetszon...men, nu har jag testat det oxå - och jag överlevde! :)


ilianagenkova said...

Life goes on after 40 too, you know! ;)
Keep adding to the list...while doing other fun things... Cheers!

mojo said...

It does, doesn´t it? :)
Well, I promise that as soon as the 40-list is completed and the big day has passed, I´ll start building my "Before 60"-list! :)


Helena said...

Du är så vacker M! Kärlek till dig.

mojo said...

Helena: Tack fina du!!! ♥