King Bore must be in top condition

Picture borrowed from GP.se. Photographer: Thomas Larsson

Picture borrowed from GP.se. Photographer: Andreas Falk

Is this the right time to remind you about Hot MOJO?
Pre-choreographed yoga in 38 degrees heat.

Classes starting at Gymnasium Sisjön in the beginning of March.
If all goes according to plan, keep your calenders opened on Sunday 7 March...

Or maybe a reminder about our trip to Djerba October 4-11? :)

Whilst King Bore certainly is in top condition, I´m still fighting off a cold. Robin has caught it big time and has had difficulties sleeping two nights in a row now. Not a good base for hard training, so I´ve rested Friday and Saturday. I´ll do a short KB-session later today, but right now, I´m really missing running.

Or, as the tag line goes (for a sportswear company that isn´t my sponsor):

"Running misses you"

I must say I fell for that, hard, when I saw it in a shop window.
Because it went straight to the Spot.
"YES, and I MISS running!" was my immediate reaction.
Smart marketing, people!


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