Fatty, fatty Tuesday


There should really have been a "proper" Semla-picture in today´s thread, but somehow I managed to not feel like having one today, of all days, on "Fat Tuesday".
Normally, pastries don´t get me too excited (I´m a salty girl), but I like my Semla. I´ve already had 8 this year, and will probably have 3-4 more.

Between the age of 13-16, I worked weekends and holidays in a bakery/pastry shop. From then on, I´m very particular when it comes to bread (NEEDS to be fresh for me to eat it, otherwise I HAVE to toast it), buns (only "Kanelbulle" for me) and "Dammsugare" (I´m sorry, but WHY did you think it was called a "Hoover"??? Would you eat what you find in your hoover at home??? Enough said...) among other things...

Anyway, my perfect Semla, should be made from proper butter and have real cream in it for one, it needs to be made on a super fresh bun, in the perfect size (not too big, not too small) and the almond paste needs to be REAL almond paste, with a slight crunchy feeling to it...

Now I want one.



Anonymous said...

Är i Hemsedal och här finns INGA semlor... SNYFT. Skall äta dubbelt när jag kommer hem.

mojo said...

Inga semlor i Hemsedal? Skandal.
Jag trodde att det var svenskarna som höll igång det stället? ;)

Njut av dubbel glädje när du är tillbaks i Svedala.


p3te* said...

I had mine.
(...and had 2 yoga classes today to compensate)

mojo said...

Pete: Hope both the Semla and the yoga were a joy! :)
Thx for all your help!
You are now officially MOJO´s computer expert.