My body went on strike last night.
When I finally got back home after a super eventful day, I had a thick, sore throat, aching limbs/joints and a head full of cotton wool. There was really only one thing to do: Go to bed at 21.00, self-hypnotize and focus on waking up in great shape.
And I did!
The mind/body connection is an amazing one and even after many years of working with mental focus, it can still completely throw me that it WORKS! I know it probably sounds like a lot of blablabla for those of you who´ve never tried it, but I´ll explain more in a future thread.
Anyway, today has really been fabulous hanging out with Robin and cool cats all day.
First of all, we met up with these 2 beauties:

Åsa Eriksson & sweetness Ebbe (who had his first birthday yesterday!)

Åsa is someone I´ve just had the pleasure to get to know and I LIKE her A LOT. You know when you meet someone new and everything just clicks, like humour, interests, views and opinions, it´s a bit like falling in love! :)

After seeing Åsa, Robin and I were off to our second fika of the day, this time with 2 women I´ve known slightly longer, Mari & Susanne. M&S are so much fun and although we don´t have time to meet up very often (we normally just run past each other in the gym), I love it when we do!
So a great day of re-charging batteries, many laughs and lots of love.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Magnus said...

Man kan ana nästa generations Nike-isar.. Robin och Ebbe- shooting stars;)

mojo said...

Robin & Ebbe som ska bli bokmalar! ;)