Sleepless in Gothenburg


I finally know what it´s like to be so tired that stars appear out of nowhere in the middle of the day.
3 nights without sleep and a sick baby made sure of that.
Poor, poor Robin has been coughing his way through Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with about a ton of mucus stuck in his airways.
I took him to the doctor´s today, just to make sure he hasn´t got pneumonia. Luckily he didn´t.
Tonight I´m hitting the sack before 21.30 - shattered and with tons of things not done.
There´s really no point. Anything I would do right now, would have to be double checked in the morning anyway.
Tomorrow will be a better day.



J said...

Tack Mo, kul med förkortningar ;)
Ah du vet man får bara sånt om man förtjänar det ;)
Ja redan på Sportlifes konvent!
/ J

mojo said...

:)) Vad glad jag blir!

Yes, den 27 mars smäller det! Ska bli jätteroligt!