Over the edge

Whilst JO is kickin butt in MOJO´s native country Finland (GOOO JOOOO!), with a bunch of other hot girls, (Å & S, I´ll miss you guys! Make sure you do your homework!) I´m preparing for this weekend´s Kettlebell Certification at Sportlife Exclusive.
I´m wildly happy about the fact that I can now welcome southern/western Sweden´s largest fitness chain into the Kettlbellincycle-group!

I checked out Sportlife Exclusive today (I know, I know, I should´ve months ago, but it was never the right time - or any time) and I have to say: I was deeply impressed.

I´m not that easily taken with either clubs or staff, but this time I was really liking both the club (NICE!) and the excellent, warm, professional, welcoming staff! Well done!
It made me look forward to the weekend even more (if that was possible).

I promised to give you a recap of this week´s events, so here goes:

- negotiating big contract for Incycle. I´ve prepared for this negotiation for a while. The best thing with going into the meeting was
a) they approached me
b) I knew for sure that I´m the right person for the project
c) I also knew with 100% certainty that my numbers where valid and
d) Although I want the contract, I know that I will have no problems walking away from it if the deal is not good enough.
I´ll know the answer by next week.

- A few meetings concerning MOJO Yoga, where we hit a 100% sales target! WHOHA!
This autumn MOJO Yoga will rock a club near you!

- I also had another interesting meeting concerning a few other concepts.
I´m not able to say much more right now, but it´s different from what I´ve done before.

- I have declined the biggest party so far this year, because I´m working:

Partying the night before a full working weekend would REALLY push (LOL) me over the edge these days. And not in a good, glamorous way, I´m afraid.

- The casting on Wednesday.
I have already told you a few details, but let me just say that it was a kind of surreal experience to have to do "the walk" together with a lovely old lady (65-70yrs old), a very short, thin man, both of which forgot to move their arms whilst walking, (which prompted the casting director to go "xxx and xxx!!!- Would you please let your arms swing whilst you walk?!!") and two young girls (18-21ish) who obviously had watched a tad too much "Top Model"...

The girls hysterically tried to run back and forth in that racehorse kind of way that supermodels walk, thrusting their hips first and lifting their knees to the ceiling as if they were walking on a very disgusting, dirty floor.

NOT that I did an excellent job!
I was soooo stressed and soooo late for my next appointment, I rushed in, threw my casting card on the table and rushed out. They had to run after me and grab me by my coat to remind me to even do "the walk" before I left...
Ehhhrr, nice impression of a dizzy brain?
Lucky walking normally doesn´t require MENSA-qualities...


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