Strength in numbers

Foto: Thomas Althin


With so much going on in my life right now, I´m truly blessed to have some of the most talented, fun, hardworking, generous and inspiring friends in the world.

We do projects together, brainstorm around new ideas, challenge and support each other.
Being self-employed can be just as lonely or as sociable as you choose.

To start the journey of MOJO Yoga & Hot MOJO together with one of my best friends, who also happens to be one of the most inspiring teachers in the world and one of the coolest cats around, is an amazing privilege.

To go to Paradise for a week with the aforementioned cool cat... Well, do I really need to add anything to this sentence?

To be able to call in a fika with another dear and close friend to ask advice about pricing and contract negotiations, is invaluable - I´m not even sure where I would turn to PAY for that help.

To do the m&m Functional Training Tour with another STAR, close friend and inexhaustible source of inspiration is not really work, how can it be?

In the next couple of weeks I´m working to land the biggest deal yet for Incycle.
Actually, it has the potential to become H.U.G.E.
However, nothing´s final until the contract is signed, so I won´t be able to say anything about it until, most probably, April.
In this process, I´m grateful to have the support of an amazing network of close friends to bounce ideas and ventilate question marks with.

If you are planning to go solo, start your own business, or if you´re already there and feel stuck, get yourself out there, network, feed your old and new contacts, help others, and I cannot stress this enough: be humble and be genuinely happy for other people´s success, that way the help will be there the day you need it. There is nothing strong with always going it alone - strength is to ask for help when you need it - and to have the right people around you to ask.



Jennie said...

Du är en inspirationskälla, helt klart!
Vi hörs och syns snart!

mojo said...

TACK, fina Jennie!
Ses snart,
ha en fin helg!


Helena said...

Du är så bra Mo - du imponerar! Stor kram!

Cizzi said...

Underbart med entreprenörer! Det gäller att våga satsa =) Jag ångrar inte en sekund att jag valde att starta eget, även om det är tufft!

mojo said...

Helena: Tack finingen!
Tror faktiskt att det bor en liten entreprenör inom dig som vill ut...;)

Cizzi: Blod, svett och mängder med skratt, eller hur? :)


alana da silva said...

thank you thank you thank you for this post... it made my day... xo

mojo said...

Alana: Thank You, talented woman!
Just sms:d you about Tuesday... :)