A new challenge

Kattis and I


Just back home from another productive meeting with wonderful Kattis at Fritidsresor. On Monday we´re leaving a snowy, cold Gothenburg for (hopefully) sunny and warm: DJERBA.

We´re going to train, eat, travel, photograph and film our way through the week, to really make sure that everything is perfect for October 4-11!

Do you live in Stockholm and like to join us in October?
Email katarina.lundin@fritidsresor.se for more information.
Places are filling up fast, so hurry, hurry!

The interesting thing with this trip - except for the wonderful destination - is the following challenge:
I´ve promised Kattis that I will travel with ONLY HAND LUGGAGE... Is that even possible? Anyone who has followed me on this blog for a while, knows that I am the worst when it comes to packing a suitcase. I literally just throw everything into a huge suitcase last minute. So, when Kattis said that she was only bringing hand luggage, because of our travel itinerary Gbg-Cph-Paris C d Gaulle (which has the worst reputation in Europe when it comes to lost luggage...)-Tunis-Djerba, I thought: "Ok. Another thing to add to my "to-do-list-before-40": Go away for 6 days with hand luggage only."

How the hell is that going to be possible? Is it possible? Really?



p3te* said...

Here's some help for how to survive your trip after I did something similar last week.

1) Think multi-tasking when it comes to clothes and bring outfits that can be worn in many different ways.

2) Plan your clothes and outfits for each day so you dont bring more than you need.

3) Think laundry, many hotels have laundry services so maybe call and plan ahead.

4) Buy travel sized skin care at the duty free. Also remember hotels do have hair driers etc you can borrow.

5) Can you get away without using your laptop and just use your iphone?

6) Pack into your carry on a large squishy soft bag that is the same size (but no bigger). Then when you get to Paris, transfer what you can into your soft bag, and fill your carry on with souvenirs etc, and check it in as hold baggage for your return journey, and take your soft bag as your carry on.

...the last time I did this I managed to fit 9 bottles of wine in my carry on and was still under 20kg.

Have a good trip.

mojo said...

Pete: You should be writing for a travel magazine!!! You´ve really got compact travelling down to a T, I´m deeply impressed. Respect!

(..hmmmm...how can I get my high heels to double up as running shoes???... and how do I survive a full week without my SUPERsized Decleor Système Corps???)



p3te* said...

If you're looking for things to do in Paris you could try these...

Heat up at yoga BIKRAM (http://www.bikramyogaparis.com/)
I recommend the Faurbourg Montmartre studio with classes in English every day at 4pm. It smells nicer!

Cool-Sexy cocktails at Ladurée Bar on 75 Champs Elysées. Try the Macaron Cocktail! (http://bit.ly/dCsyvt)


p3te* said...

...prices for bikram are 25euros for a drop in (expensive), but if you want to try it more than once, you can get a 10 day card for 30euros which makes it quite reasonable.

mary said...

Faan, det är tråkigt att packa förnuftigt. Varje gång jag flyger m Ryanair måste jag göra detta osensuella, omöjliga not funny packing :-(((
Slutar alltid m att jag har FÖR många toppar men inga u-delar eller tvärtom, för att inte tala om SHOES SHOES SHOES we´re talking shoes. For 5 days away in a pretty sunny climate I need at least 9 pairs- runners flipflop ballerina boots converse highheels sandals sportyhighheels ancelboots and so on....what to do
SUCK...på svenska!!
pok mary

mojo said...

Pete: Thank you most kindly for your great suggestions for Paris!!! Just one thing, do you know something that I don´t? Because I really hope I don´t get "stuck" in Paris on my way to Djerba...*LOL*
Because if all goes according to plan, I should only have 1h connection at Charles de Gaulle... :))
However, IF I do get stuck in France, I will most certainly seek out: 1. Sexy COCKTAILS!!! (Lucky I have my high heels in my hand luggage!!! ;))
2. Bikram - but not straight after cocktails, so it needs to be quite a long delay...

Mary: I know! What to do with the SHOES??? I´m right there with you - for 6 days, it´s just NORMAL to bring an absolute minimum of 7 pairs of shoes. Just in case.
I´ll keep you posted on this impossible task...
C u tomorrow, sweetie!

Lots of Love to you both,

p3te* said...

Hehe, no I think Djerba is a much better destination than Paris right now. I'd much rather be hot in the sun than in a studio!

I just read "Paris" and got all emotional about my amazing experience there last week.

Hope your time there is equally awesome!

mojo said...

Pete: Phew! Great! For a while I thought you had friends in the air control tower, who were planning a strike or something on Monday....;)

Full report from Djerba follows! :)

Have a magnificent evening,