Eat n run:?

Stuck in a smokey place in Oslo, my bus is delade, not sure if it will run at all....?!

So what do you do, after an amazing day with Sats norway, wow you guys are STRONG!!!, i just orderd chillie, corona and thinking of a tequila, just to knacker this cow out totaly for the loping busride home. A champ plan would u say:?
Just found out my VISA card wasn't accepted here... Whops, what do I do:? Already ate the chillie...

Got to run...

Jai Ho

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


mary said...

Oslo o norrmän i ett nötskal-----Vi tar kun bare norske kort--man blir ju helt rabiat---turist !!! är det lika med rasist?? Kun bare norrmän kan akkurat spise här---idioter. Det finns en bankomat runt hörnet du kan ta ut pengar där - Yeah right bye bye asshole. Fick du diska din tallrik eller sa du bara - skyll er själva då!!! pok mary

mojo said...

Underbara Hahahah Jag dör!
Vad jag saknat dig :)

Jo NEVER EVER does the dishes!!

Have other skills ;)

mary said...

Klart du inte gör, but will you ever have classes at hotmojo at gymnasium??? Or is it only strictly business/löve