Girls night out

We see each other too rarely, but when we do - sparks fly!
Anything goes: family, travels, fashion, work, relationships, work, children, a tiny bit of training (I´m the only one who´s a fitness nut in this company), social media, more work... I think you get the point.
Only one of us is employed, and her position is so special that she hardly knows her own title.
It could be: "SupadupamegamanagerbossresponsibleforestablishingthebusinessinHKandmainlandChina", but I´m sure that would not make her justice.
For the rest of us it´s the love and juice and challenge and freedom and creative madness that is self-employment, that´s the name of the game. Hence the work talk. And we´re not even close to being in the same line of work, which makes it even more interesting.
What is VERY predictable is where we go for food.
The Asian Invasion crew ALWAYS head down to the same Chinese restaurant.
Well, to be fair, we tried to go somewhere else tonight, but it turned out they´re closed Sundays. Their loss.

HOW predictable...

I LOVE these 3 gals, I really do.
Beautiful both on the inside as well as the outside.
And yes, the photographs are not supposed to do us justice. I like to keep this crew to myself.
At least for a little while longer.

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