What a B-day

Spent in London :)

Breakfast English style, then heading down to Soho! Where we meet my childhood friend Eve just like that on the street! She lives in the USA .... How amazing is that?!?!
Managed to sit down at a coffeshop who served wheat and gluten free banana cake, heaven YES!!!!

Shopping and laughing we then went to the convention arranged by James D'Silva! The first class sucked but Maria and I had a laugh and a hughe ego boost hahaha
The second class was with the trainer of Etan Hawke amongst other, and DAMN did that kick our asses, oh YES indeed!
Finished of with a hot yoga class!

Before dinner and drinks we just had to take a powernap at our qute hotel!
Then the night was spent at CUBA, or at least so it felt!
Cottons rocked :)

Now of to Jivamukti yoga with cat as a warmup for Forrest!

Love Jo

And thank you for al the yummy b-daywishes!

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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