Ready, Steady...oh, where did everyone go?

Oh. It´s like 2011 made a false start out of the starting blocks and I sort of got left behind, waiting for the judge/referee (or whatever you call them - the ones that stand by the sideline and whistle madly when someone runs off too early) to call everyone back and re-start all over again.
Do you know what I mean?
Anyway, MyrbergBjörn has opened with a bang and I´m A) slowly getting used to being a studio owner and B) even slower at getting used to teaching a heap load of classes again.
I have two more to go tonight, 1 spinning class at Gymnasium/Elixia Sisjön and 1 Kettlebell YIN at MyrbergBjörn.
Wednesdays will be a bit mad this spring.
4 classes AND training with my PT.
But still, I did a PR in deadlifts today! 95kg. 95kg! That IS mad! 1.6 times my own body weight.
Let´s hit 2.0 before the summer.


Magnus said...

Grattis till PB. Och vilken fin bild! Kram

mojo said...

TACK Magnus!
Ps. Du var superb på cykelbilderna!


Helena said...

Jag har sagt det förut, och jag säger det igen...DU ÄR BÄST!