This was my shoe of choice for tonight, in the ice-rink that is Gothenburg right now...
Going to the Elixia kick-off, I wore my favorite to-the-knee-kick-ass-black-leather-boots:

Maybe NOT the most practical footwear at this very moment, but hey, how often do I get to wear high heels nowadays?

I LOVE P for telling me (NB: not asking) to wear flats to the bar and bring my heels in a bag.

I just don't do that kind of stuff!

In the end, I had to jokingly burst out: "Hey, are you my husband or my mum?"
Wouldn't it just have be ironic if I had fallen and broken something???
Lucky for me, I managed to both stay on my feet and look glam! Phew.

- High heeled blinged from my iPhone

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