Easy does it

Photo shoot number one this week is a wrap.
Photo shoot number two coming up tomorrow morning.
A pleasure to help out today, when gorgeous and talented team ECWC + darling JO rolled out the yoga mats to bring on the shakti energy at the photo shoot for Yoga Games.

This will be THE yoga event to attend in June at Svenska Mässan here in Gothenburg - for ALL of you who love to get your high on your ecological yoga mat, whether in Sukasana (easy pose) or Vrkasana (handstand).

Shanti, Shakti, Shumbu (peace, power, plenty)!


Emma said...

Hmmm... är inte vrkasana Trädets position?!

mojo said...

Absolut rätt, Emma!
Ska man skriva det helt korrekta sanskritnamnet är det: "Adho Mukha Vrkasana", som betyder, fritt översatt: "nedåtgående trädposition".
Rätt ska vara rätt. :)