Weekend in January

January has officially started!
Worked with Sierra, Maria, Jessica & Jaime for 2 days, perfecting their kettlebell skills at MyrbergBjörn. Heaps of sweat, swings and smiles! I love weekends like this, when you get to work with what you love, have great friends around AND sleep in your own bed! :)

Sierra, Maria, Jess & Jaime

After the course finished on Sunday, P and I made a quick visit to do half an hour in the gym (yes, training.) and sneak in for a picture
"The Shack".
Magnus & Jessica will ROCK the HOUSE next weekend at NIKE Stockholm!
Damn, I feel like the proud mother...

How well would you say the Incycle team knows me, when they got me THIS as a birthday present?! An absolutely wickedly, amazing bracelet from Fairytale, which I have been drooling over since I first saw it! It´s so me, it´s scary.
A thousand thanks to Linda, Magnus & Jessica, I truly love you guys!


soffan said...

Åh, fiiint, sooo jealous :) !!

mojo said...

Tack, Soffan!
Hoppas du trivs i huvudstaden!


soffan said...

Tack Mo, det gör jag då verkligen :) !

Erika said...

The Shack var grymt!!
Riktigt kul att köra för M&J, har inte cyklat för någon av dem innan...

Nu ser jag ännu mer framemot the Blast! =)

Och om bara någon kan avboka sig så ses vi redan på onsdag!! :D

Magnus said...

Tack för fina ord:) Kram!