NIKE for Runners for SATS

Sweet morning MOJOs!

After only 3,5 hours sleep I'm up again!

Time to meet my great clients in the yoga studio and after that I'm of to Copenhagen to educate the SATS Crew in the new NIKE class :)

Very excited about it now!
Last time I went for a run (outdoors) was in late October - 17km in very very high mountains.... and heat.... phew!
It's so nice to have been away from something (that you maybe had to much of in the end) and then long for it again :)
Very much my style!

So are you gonna try this class?!

I'll tell you more about it after the training (when I know if they will ROCK it or not ;)

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Cizzi said...

Det ska bli kalas att testa. Jag hoppas att vi får klassen på mitt center =)