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What GREAT energy in Denmark!

I started out teaching in Swedish but it turned out that i talked to fast and unclear so after a while I had to switch to English. Isn't that funny, I mean when I'm in Norway I never understand what they say but they seem to understand me so I thought it was the same here....

I love teaching workshops like this - I get to learn so much from my participants!

And the energy was SYKED!!!! A lot thanks to the MASSIVE music, remixed by GURRE my yogi DJ love!

We finished in time but somehow I ended up rushing to catch my train back home.
Getting into the taxi, I llike in a movie shouts drive FAST to the train station. The to CALM driver asks where I am going, (Me thinking: What stupid question is that... just drive!!!!!) Ohh.. Gothenburg.
He says: It's better to go to the airport.
Me: What?! NO!!!!!!!!
He: Yes - it is better!
Me: (argghhhh stupid.....€"%#%&%") I have a train ticket not a flight ticket -stupid!!!
He: It's faster
Me: I don't care - I have to take the train
He: But it is faster to take the train from the airport - that station is closer + the train arrives there later!
Me: Oh - well just drive...


So I chilled at the airport before taking the train back to GBG :)

What if we slowed down and tried to see the other people and THEIR perspective a little more often....


- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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