Plastic Fantastic?

I want the sun.
And the beach.
And a new lamp for our livingroom.

Problem number 1 will be solved in February.
Problem number 2 is still very much alive.

I went in to the only lamp shop in my neighborhood this afternoon.

Saw 3 lamps that I loved.
The question is: HOW on earth do I ALWAYS manage to pick out the most expensive item in the shop???

6.670:- for a piece of designed plastic??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
We´re not talking a pair of shoes here, folks!

There will obviously be darkness for yet another couple of days (weeks?).

In need of the sun.
Damn, I felt cold all day!

One of the designed goodies

The photograph REALLY does not do it any justice. It was far more tasty in reality.
But NOT for 6.670:-

It´s out there, but I loved it!
- Blinged from my iPhone


jessica said...

Joooo plast kan få kosta om det är inredning! Du har min fulla förståelse och definitiva support om du köper den!

pöss och I MISS U!


Magnus said...

Jag köpte denna till mig när jag fyllde 30 mot dåvarande flickvännens medgivande.. Jag har numera kvar lampan medan flickvännen lyser med sin frånvaro.. Det blir mycket ljus so to say;)