Make ROOM for 2011

It´s almost a year ago I had my two tattoos done. Time certainly moves on. I was more than convinced that those two would be my last ones, but 365 days later, I´m not so sure anymore. Maybe it IS an addiction?

Anyway, today was spent making room. Literally.
I sold more stuff on Blocket, rearranged Robin´s wardrobe, his nappy changing corner, and started to plan for the office move.
I absolutely love selling, giving, donating and throwing stuff away. For me, making room in your living quarters is more than equivalent to making more room in your life. I feel lighter, happier and more energetic afterwards.

I also had time to hit the weights.

Squats 5x5 at 85%
KB cleans 4x6 2x16kg
Bar rows 3x10 increasing weight
Pistols 3xmax on each leg
Trapz work with rubber band 3x20

I was so spent after, that I almost fell down the stairs outside the gym. Fab day!


p3te* said...

Funny, i'm also in the mood for a clearout after seeing my friend's house over the holidays who just can't throw anything away!

(...if ever get like that please shoot me, if you can find me under the mess)

I'm also hitting the gym extra hard tomorrow (morning and night) after catching up with all the foods I shouldn't eat in England.


mojo said...

Ain´t that the truth??? :)
Looking forward to seeing you SOON!