Hit me with The BLAST

Finally in place.
Didn´t think so at 15.46 when Robin decided to cry so much, he threw up his dinner all over himself/the floor and my newly washed T-shirt. He was a tad upset that I was leaving again.
It´s certainly getting harder and harder to go away. It was impossible for me to imagine what it would be like, until now...

Anyway, I call a cab - my train is leaving for Stockholm at 16.12. By the time I´ve changed into clean clothes, washed Robin up and changed his outfit, it´s 15.55.
I´m out the door with the phone clinging to my ear. By the time I reach the operator of taxi company number three and he also tells me: "Sorry, no taxis at this moment", I´m ready to kill someone. WHAT?! I live in the center of Sweden´s second largest city for Christ´s sakes!

And I live in the smack bang middle of the city because I want to be able to call a cab any time of day, drink my coffee in a proper coffee bar and not having to cut the bloody grass!

At 16.05, I´m behind the wheel in my car.
No, I didn´t keep to the speed limit and I almost handbrake-skid into the parking space at the train station.
16.10. No valid parking ticket. I get my VISA-card out. At 16.12 I´m by the right train track. Turns out the train is 6 minutes delayed due to late arrival. Good old SJ!
I think my heart slowed down around Skövde.

Eventually I´m here. So is my music, my spinning shoes, my lecture and my friends.
I´m ok, now Hit me with THE BLAST!

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