Christmas in the City Gothenburg

After a fun day with kettlebell work, the whole family hung out in a wintry Gothenburg (as it now should be called again, thankfully).
P and I are....how shall I put it?...different, for example:

* we both find it hard to understand "Idol-mania" and how on earth 3 and then 2 unknown teenagers can fill Scandinavium and Globen respectively,
* we really don´t like Melodifestivalen (or schlager) and
* we don´t prioritize "cultural" happenings in our own city.

Therefore it took a visit from P´s sister to get us to watch the lightshow at Götaplatsen.
The technology is amazing and it is nice with lots of lights in our very dark, very cold city at this time of year, but each time I see the BLUE LINES in every tree along the Avenue, I think: "I´m charging too little for my work. If a light consultant gets paid thousands to put up electric BLUE lightning EACH year along the most famous street in G-burg, I should be trippling my fee..." or maybe I should just become a light designer? :)

I wonder if the blue colour started off as a joke that later got out of hand...

A happy, well lit, naked man. I´m sure he would have prefered his manhood just a tiny bit larger though... I mean, he is a God after all, right?

The show. Projected onto the Art Museum. Thomas von Brömssen & Jennifer Brown, anyone?
Yes, we ARE a city in desperate need of glamour...



mary said...

håller med dig...blått suger.skäms över denna taffliga billiga dekoration. Kanske en vinkväll i mellandagar och vips vem drog ur kontakten till de blå små stygga styckena ?? Hinner du med Jordan i helgen?? Think i need u there

mojo said...

med eller utan kontaktutdragning låter det som en strålande idé!
Underbart att se dig i högform ikväll.
Vi hörs i veckan,