Full Moon - Bogus or not?

The earliest known mythologies used the moon as a metaphor - in fact this is most likely where the notion of rising from the dead after three days (common to the stories of several mythic heroes) comes from, as the moon disappears completely for three days before reappearing in the night sky. In ancient times the moon was also associated with our favorite symbol of energetic awakening - the snake, because of it's ability (like the moon) to shed it's skin and be born anew. Our favorite celestial body is in her full glory right now, and while the claims of her power to make people do wild and crazy things might be somewhat unfounded - we know for sure that like most creatures on the planet, we have cycles in our own bodies that are measured by her waxing and waning...

I know for sure that she effects me... the funny thing though is that I never understand it until afterwards...

I get weird feelings, can't sleep, can't focus, feel the urge of travelling or escaping into an adventure and feel uneasy over it because I don't know WHY I feel this way - until a couple of days later when I realize, that the full moon was just around the corner!

My intellectual side doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that a round thing thousands of miles away has any effect on me... whilst clearly my entire body and soul feels it!

Funny thing this life - being Human and everything!

Doe's she effect you?



La belle/Le bad boy said...

Definately not bogus. I always sleep uneasy when the moon is full but I usually dont get tired anyway.

Ive read that some even get their haircuts when the moon is at a certain cycle cause it grows faster :D

Caldeia said...

Hell yeah!

I get no sleep during fullmoon and when getting up in the morning I feel like a ångvält hit me.... It's crazy!

But I guess it has to do with water and energy. We get more energy when there's light and as the body is full of water we get affected just like the ocean reaching the tide....

So long draculas... =)