A night of yin and yang

Normally, because I work most weekends, it´s hard for me to be social on Friday and Saturday nights. I´ve lost count how many birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, surprise parties, etc I´ve had to say no to... so when I had the chance to go to a "girlie" afterwork at F´s, I was delighted.
8 fab women were there and we got served the most delicious meal! The conversations were flowing (discussing everything from true love, MAD people, nailpolish, threading and work) and it was a long time ago since I laughed so much and so hard! Thanks girls for a truly fun time, and extra thank you F for the invitation, being the perfect hostess and for the yummy, yummy food!

I had to leave early since one of my best friends were in town (he now lives in Sthlm) and today was his 35th birthday, so from one party to another, I spent the rest of the evening around our dinner table at home with 3 gorgeous guys!

Must be quite the perfect night, eh?

Oh, the delicious food (AND company!) served at F´s! Beetroot with goat´s cheese and fresh chicken sallad!

Followed by the muscle power of these guys! Faces have been removed to protect the innocent...

By the way, can you believe that this is thread number 1.000 on this blog???
Time flies.


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