Pass it forward

The week is coming to it's end.

I have 4 wicked full on working days left and then I'm of to sweet sweet Skåne!

I've been longing for the Christmas Holiday for some time now - mostly I miss my family and I want to hang around in my PJ's, play RockBand with my brother, wrestle with Åke ans listen to Mom's voice as she calls - BREAKFAST :)

Still I have to admit that I wouldn't fast forward to Tuesday, not even for a million ;)

Cause there is nothing in the world like LOVE!

No matter what form it comes in - it might be the feeling of waking up next to a person that you know in your heart is right cause you're filled with energy and light even though it is pitch black outside.
Or the love from a friend, whom you've only meet for a couple of hours - still she can light up your day from miles away and make you smile, giggle and buzz up in excitement just thinking of meeting her again sometime, hopefully soon!
It might be the notion of your students, showing up with sparkles in their eyes cause they know that you will push them, guide them, navigate them into new waters, places they haven't been before - but they are ready to go there WITH YOU!

No matter the form - it creates ripples and trickles down to the stranger you bump into on the street, or in the next e-mail you send... It all becomes a bit brighter, a bit lighter, a bit more JUICY ;)

Let it Flow Friends




ACCHA AB said...

Thanks for sharing! Lots of luv to you and create a fabulous Xmas! //Jenny R

Jenny said...

Fantastiskt vackert skrivet Jo!
Jag önskar dig en underbar jul med massor av kramar!