Fierce Women!!

Haven't left the planet, promise!
Just been in a not so efficeint + a lot to do mode/period...
After Berlin I felt DONE - you've ever had that feeling of - I'M DONE! With a smile on your face and then people come and ask you/expect you to WORK...?! And you are - WHAT? But I'm DONE for the year, promise! :)

Well - anyhow that's how I've felt the last two weeks. I am ready to play, be, enjoy, fol around, be silly, be childish, be taken care of :)

Instead of being in London this weekend - the universe told me to stay put in Gbg and the upside of that was that I get to ply with MO for 2 days YEAH!!
At least I still feel YEAH - Ask me this evening - or ask my body....

Mo is certainly a FIERCE HOT TAMALE WOMAN - I got to meet her parents for the first time ever this week in her childhood home :) LOVELY!!!

And I an see MO - in full on LUCIA outfits on the morning of the 13th ... Her strong will present then as well I guess, can't really figure out if she was a Lucia, a tomte, or pepparkaskgubbe...?!

Plz Mo Tell us all about it!

Of to play with the big BELLS now - NO - NOT Christmas bells..... the OTHER ones ;)



mojo said...

JO, THANK YOU for this weekend!
You impress me every time. Otroligt.

...AND my son is in LOVE with you...
(...AND in my own world I was always the Lucia, who could not keep one single tone straight... :))


mary said...

Skööönt att läsa att fler känner sig done. Need to be lifted up. Hur ska det gå till-jag har varit done toooo long-hitta dina kul klasser IDAG 3 på raken HOT nåt annat och sen II-III yoga men de e klart ...bara reservplatser.....surt sa räven...antagligen ska ja va "avhållsam" ngr dgr till. Jordan lär möta en köttbulle...INNAN jul. Tyvärr är träning bara så trist iblend att inget gets u out of your comfort zone. BBbbrrrrr