Unless... We get a little


Last couple of days...

Let me tell you I AM PROUD :)

Feels like I've done it for REAL this Christmas! You know - they way you're frieds tell you that they do it, and you can read in EXPRESSEN that that's how everybody DOES IT!

Looks something like this:

  • Christmas Eve - Well, still in an Andersson kindaof way, everybody runing around doing their own thing until Kalle Anka comes along on the telly... and THEN we eat the FIRST Christmas Food ever at around 7pm. Followed by a maraton of christmas gifts being unwrapped until 1am... then Mom takes out the risalamalta and we sit in the sofa eating it til around 3am
  • Day after: I DID IT! I finally made it out on this day where it seems like EVERYONE in EVERY small town/big city decides that it is a PARTY night - WHY??! Anyhow - one of my OLDEST friends finally got me out - and WHOPA: Tages in LA was a sight :) I never stand in line, waiting to get into a place, or spend as much money as when I go out in LA (Landskrona). But hey - I did get to see a lot of old familiar faces and it was FUN dancing the night away to football/Hockey/Skånska songs (I think you can call them songs...)
  • Day after the day after: I ALWAYS wake up EARLY - Why? Went to bed 5:30am and woke up super duper at 8:30am - WHY?! Bro wanted to look at some MONSTER Speakers in the city of LUND so I joind him in the MADNESS of the HOLIDAY SALE.... Ended up with a new office set of APPLE Computers for 40 000 sek - Congratulations JIRA :)
  • Day after the day after the day after: Starting to get the hang of sleeping til noon -  YUM! Soon f to MALMÖ to check out my French Cusins NEW Bakery/Boulangeri :) And then a LOVELY Fika with gorgeous Anna Key before HELL will brake lose as we take over SATS ans team teach a BODYPUMP!!! - What do you say - my second BODYPUMP this year (my first one was Monday before Christmas :)

R you enjoying your HOLIDAY ? Or are you starting to long back to "reality"? 

- If so GET A GRIP of yourself and learn to RELAXE!!!!

Love Jo

But we're never gonna survive, unless... 
We get a little crazy 
- SEAL ;)


Anonymous said...

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Jo said...

Hm not sure I understand your comment :?


Anonymous said...

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Jo said...

Oh hihi I am glad it helped :)

And that the assignement went well !!


Anonymous said...

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Jo said...

Oh really:?
Such as?

I'll try to be more informative in the future!
Your feedback nourishes me :)

shanti Jo