Happy New Year!


3 years with P today!
When I came back from a lovely, supadupa fika with JOJO, this bouquet of incredible roses was waiting for me on the kitchen table...

Now we are chillin´ at home, with relaxed plans for tonight (dinner at sis´). I´m actually kind of wasted after a tough night with Robin. I tell you what, this morning I would have sold him for 1 SEK - I was so, so tired... After having wrestled with him from midnight to 3am, and then again from 4.15-6.30am, I was asking myself WHO on earth had thought it was a great idea to have kids????? Had I really agreed to this? And was it still possible to have an exchange, like when you are not satisfied with the size/colour/brand of your Christmas present?
Lucky he´s cute. Lucky I love him. Because between not sleeping and having puke all over my clothes - it´s needed.

I wish you a tremendous New Year´s Eve - see you all in 2010,
Rested, Healthy and Strong! :)

Love MO


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