Go ahead have a LAUGH at my expense...


I was late.
I grabbed my keys, my iPhone, my party Swarovski handbag, the plastic bag with the used diapers plus the plastic bag with the empty glassbottles and ran out the door.
As I left my house, I threw away the rubbish and called E to say that I would be in the meeting place in a couple of minutes. When I hung up, I wanted to pick up my lipgloss...and realized that my handbag was missing! What? I had only been in the flat and out the door and...


I start to run back home. I get E on the phone again: "Hi, it´s me again, I have "mummy-brain" and I think I have thrown away my handbag with the rubbish!...yeah, I´m mad...I´ll be...E? I have to call you back!.....(still on the line)HELLOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WAAAAIT!!!!!....WAIT! WAIT! Did THOSE rubbish bins just come out from that house???? Yes???!!! And did you just empty them into...that? You DID????..."
As I turned the corner to get to my house I see the rubbish van outside my door, with 2 big rubbish bins right by it.... I can clearly picture my handbag amongst used diapers, food leftovers and God knows what... I think I´m quite hysterical by now.
The Renova guy looks at me, trying calmly to get my attention.
"....newspapers..." "What?" I almost yell. "These bins contained newspapers" He doesn´t get to finish the sentence, because I´m already halfway into the yard, diving head first into the infamous rubbish bin where my trash went 3 minutes earlier. I dig and dig around. The Renova guy turns up asking if I would like some help. By now I´m already into the next bin, (where our empty glass bottles went), hanging halfway inside it, halfway outside it, since there is only stuff in the very bottom of the this bin.
Wearing high, high spiky black heels and a Diane von Furstenberg dress.
A true Kodak-moment if any.

It´s not there. I don´t know whether to laugh or cry. I grab my iPhone and call P on speed dial. He answers after the second ring. "Is my handbag there??????" "Which one?" "The little one with the crystals?" "Yes".
Draw the curtains.



Jenny said...

Oh my God! :D
Jag kan tyvärr inte låta bli att skratta Mo! :)Nästa gång vi ses kommer jag ha bilden av dig uppstickandes ur en soptunna...
Tack för att du vågar bjuda på dig själv! :D

Helena said...

Hahaha! Som en dålig film..! TACK för den uppvisningen! ;)

mojo said...

jag är så glad att jag kunde roa en och annan med den här dråpliga situationskomiken...

Tack, Jenny & Helena,
jag är liksom säker på att det kommer att komma mer...so stay tuned, folks! :)


susanita said...

nä, förlåt, men det går inte låta bli att skratta.
Hysteriskt roliga syner svischar förbi mina ögon. Sorry.
Nåja, så länge vi inte glömmer våra knattar ngnstans så borde allt vara lugnt. ;D

mojo said...

Alltså, det var HYSTERISKT, Sus... Jag skrattade själv så jag grät - efteråt... :)

Puss & Kram

Anonymous said...

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