Training Goals for 2010. Part 3.

Kettlebell training.
Clean & Press.
Turkish Get-up.
What an ass kickin´workout it is.
I´ll be cracking nuts with my butt come May (pardon my French). At least that should be one of the goals, because I´ll be joining Pavel Tsatsouline´s RKC course that month... Not to mention snatching a 12kg kettlebell 100 times in 5 minutes, which is the Certification requirement.

On a completely different note, I´m pondering 2 questions that you might be able to help me with:

* Why do grownups talk in a different voice (read: baby voice) to babies?
I told myself that I would NEVER do that, and yet, when I hear myself talking to Robin, my voice goes up one or two notches, I sometimes don´t finish sentences but go "ohhhhhahhhhgaaaa" instead, making funny faces, etc etc. I understand it must be something biological, but hey, don´t you think it would be easier for the poor infant to learn how to talk properly if the adults surrounding them stopped sounding like they have a speech impediment?
(Not to mention grownups who use their baby voice talking to other grownups...that can REALLY get me going....)

*Why do we Swedes love to queue in ONE queue when there are several cashiers open???
WHERE does this come from? (And could it please go back there?)
Does it have something to do with our oh, we are all so bloody equal, that therefore it is of the highest priority that we all queue in a "fair" way - "Who´s next in line?", even if this mean that 1 queue longer than the river Gangnes takes up half of the H&M shop in the middle of the Christmas Sale...


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