Tried and tested: Incoco dry nail polish


I haven´t had the time to paint my fingernails for about 5 1/2 months, so I was delighted to get to try Incoco (thank you Malin & Daniel!). I´d read about this dry nail polish in various magazines-how it is base, polish and top coat in one "sticker" that you press on to your nail and then: Voilà!
I´d gotten 2 different flavours to try, the French manicure and a fantastically yummy Christmas Red colour. I started with the French manicure... I probably should have checked out the website first (typical MO-mentality: "HOW difficult could it possibly be???"), because after 2 nails I had to throw in the towel (since I had white and nude stickers all over the place and started to have smoke coming out of my nostrils....). But hey, it´s winter! A nice French goes best with a tan and a beautiful summer dress anyway.

"Skam den som ger sig..."
I gave the Christmas Red a chance...and the result was... beautiful!
The photograph unfortunately doesn´t give the colour justice, but nobody would guess that this wasn´t painted on. Also, it was nice to be able to skip the drying process (although the stickers actually smell like proper nail polish!). Highly recommended for the toddler mother! Available in Kicks stores around the country.


Jenny said...

Det där ska testas! Jag tycker färger ser underbar ut.
God jul till dig och din familj!

mojo said...

God Jul tillbaks, Jenny! :)
Ja, färgen är helt underbar!