Winter Wonderland

Winter has finally reached the south. -2 when I drove to my class this morning. And what a spectacular morning it was. Clear skies with a gorgeous light pink colour in the horizon...
Had a fab, fully-packed yoga class at 9, followed by a meeting at 10.15 with my NEW accounting firm. Third time lucky? Fingers crossed. I really hope and think so.

I had lunch with the boys and then waved them off as they headed for a forest walk.
Wednesday being my working day, I spent the rest of the afternoon writing invoices, paying bills and answering e-mails. I also found the time to mix a new interval class. I was so not happy with my classes last Wednesday, I think I lost my Wednesday-rhythm not teaching my morning class... It´s rare that I´m not entirely happy with a class these days, so I wanted it to be extra right this week.
Thankfully it worked out well with a nice flow from start to finish. Back on track...thanks to everyone who joined!

I´m hoping for another sunny day tomorrow. It was far too long since I went for a "buggy-run". :)

What a beautiful morning!...

Little guy is ready to hang with big guy in the forest...



Tobias said...


Grymt bra klass idag! Intervallerna tog bra...att en så jobbig timme kan kännas så kort! Och benen bar ju faktiskt de efterföljande 45 min också! ;-)

Ser fram emot nya utmaningar nästa vecka! Ha d bra!


Magnus said...

Monika Schumacher kör bil och tar bilder samtidigt. Det känns ju bra;) Fartkamera har fått en ny innebörd:)

mojo said...

TACK själv Tobbe-grym energi! Å vilken härlig nyhet gällande Kalmar Ironman - ett fantastiskt träningsmål för 2010. Ser fram emot att välkomna dig på ytterligare nya utmaningar på yogamattan i vår!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Även P kommenterade detta faktum....men det var säkert, jag lovar!!! (Höll t.o.m hastighetsbegränsningen just då!) :)
Ses imorgon!


p3te* said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing when I woke up yesterday.
November had far more than it's fair share of dark, cloudy days.

Let's hope it stays this way.

mojo said...

I think yesterday had more hours of sun than the grand total for November... :)
Have a lovely day, enjoy the light!