Call a doctor!....

Mo: I´m looking at houses. In the country side. Far, far away from the closest coffee shop and even further away from a decent shoe shop... 41km away from my favorite Espresso House to be exact. I must be sick. Do I have a temperature? A rash? Did I get punched in the head? Did I eat contaminated meat? Have I suddenly become a vegan?
Somebody call a doctor! (actually, just let me go and get my insurance card first...)


Anonymous said...

Isn't this what is sometimes referred to as evolving on a personal level? ;)

mojo said...

Ohhh, is it? In that case maybe it´s true what my sister says: I´m a bit immature for my age... :))) x

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! What is it that i´m reading...? Are you well? But hey, welcome to the club! What direction? Onsala?
Keep your fingers crossed for our little rental in Särö! You are all invited for BBQ if it all goes well... Love Malin

mojo said...

I actually think I must have banged my head on something hard!!!

Yes, in the southern direction - so, who knows, we might be neighbours one day? :)

Yes, GOOD LUCK with the place in Särö, will definitely always say yes to BBQ. :)

Lots of love