Full body blow out

Mo: No baby yet. For sis that is. She has been back and forth to the hospital twice now. Last time I spoke to her, she was going back to Varberg´s maternity ward to stay until the baby is delivered, then she changed her mind when the midwife told her that she can go days with 10 minutes between labour pains, without actually going into labour...so now she´s back at home - waiting and hoping that things will move on, quite soon...(minus the pizza).

Let´s see how I get along with this thread...last time I tried to blog whilst on X2000, I almost threw up all over my neighbour because of motion sickness...

Pictured above are the 20 strong people who joined the kettlebell course. A fun group with people from all over Sweden. It was lovely to meet Evelina and Karin again, who both joined the Functional Tour in Luleå and Umeå, respectively. Look at the 3rd woman from the left, wearing a pink top. Louise is 6 months pregnant and she kicked our asses in the strength-endurance competition we did before lunch: Highest number of swing-rack-overhead press repetitions with highest weight for 90 seconds. She did over 25 reps with 12kg x 2KBs.

My arms were shaking after my 21 reps with the same weight. I´m glad I lost against Christer Södergren who went on to win the whole competition by blowing the old record away. (29 reps with 32kg x 2KBs, was it?)

Thanks Walter, for a great course! Evelina, thank you for an inspirational partnership throughout the 2 days. Good luck with the spinning, Marco, I hope you get to bring in KBs to you PT-circle at SATS Stadion. Andreas, go home and add more stretching and cardio to your weekly workout schedule! :) Good luck to Ian and Fredrik, who are joining super-macho Pavel (I´d prefer to call him Pavlov) in his Kettlebell course in Copenhagen in May... Let me know how you guys got on!

You want more Kettlebell-training in your life? Check out www.eleikoeducation.se

(...and by the way, I didn´t even need my slippers! ;) )

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