Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mo: I wouldn´t call myself vain. I hardly have the energy to put make up on more than 2-3days a week. Why should I? I spend most of my working hours in front of a computer or sweating my face off anyway...

Until the age of 30 I hardly had any "beauty routine" to talk about... Then by chance, I decided I needed to do something about my eye brows. I was (sort of ) plucking them myself, but I was smart enough to understand that I wasn´t doing a great job. So what to do? I walked into the first beauty salon that caught my eye and asked if someone was free to "do" my eyebrows.
And that´s how I met A.

Since then I´ve learned about my skin type, about hair removal, sun protection, waxing, plucking and all sorts of things that I had only read about before, but never felt inclined to try out. (I was 30 the first time I had my legs waxed. No, and I didn´t shave them until then either. . .and I still don´t... I´m Oriental for God´s sakes, get over it.)

A is my beauty guru. She is awesome, she makes me feel beautiful, sexy, womanly and adorable - in my own skin. I never put any make up on for days after I´ve been to A´s since my skin is absolutely glowing.

A uses "threading" to get rid of the small hairs in my face. (I didn´t even know I had any small hairs in my face before I went to A´s.) A is from Iran. In Iran the women knows one or two things about hair and hair removal. It took about 3 visits and then A very kindly told me: " You know, you got a lot of small hairs in your face...it would make a huge difference if we got rid of those hairs...." Me: "...ohh, do I?.....hmmmm...ok, what do you suggest?" A: "Well, most Swedish women choose waxing...." Me: "You mean there´s another way of doing it?" A: "Yes, but it hurts. A lot. And most Swedes find it too painful....but it´s very, very effective...." (Like a red flag in front of a bull...) Me: "Bring it on!"

Threading is done with a... thread. The thread is rolled over the skin of the face, so that your tiny little facial hairs can roll themselves around the thread and get pulled out, roots and all.
It H.U.R.T.S LIKE HELL!!! Actually, the first few times I had it done, my nails dug so deep into my palms, I almost started to bleed. There were tears in the corners of my eyes. But I never let out as much as a wimper. (Over my dead body....) And I had to admit-it really, really worked! My face was more smooth than a baby´s bottom and I looked about 10yrs younger! Voilá! (Or as the Swedish saying goes: "Om man vill vara fin får man lida pin!" If you want to be beautiful then you have to suffer...)

This was the start of a long and fruitful relationship and I have been a regular costumer with A since then and I have nooo idea what I would do if she decided to leave town. Her eye brow shaping works better than a face lift+botox put together (not that I have tried such terrifying stuff) and her facials bring your skin back in time - to your late teens (sans pimples!). I have shared the secret of beauty goddess A with some of my friends and as soon as she opens up her new beauty palace in April (in the center of Gothenburg) I will let you all know!

Until then, I´ll share the three essentials of my beauty routine: For everyday use: Aromessence Neroli oil+Vitaroma and after traveling every weekend: Hydra Floral Facial Mask - youthful skin here I come!

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