Love is in the air..dududu dududu

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull of what you really love.


Halmstad my love!
Working on a Sunday might not be on the top of everyone’s wish list, and perhaps it wasn't on my top five this morning but I am glad, oh so glad that this day became what it did!
Spring was in the air when as I strolled down to Centralstationen, the Chai was perfect, I was in time for the train (this time the RIGHT train, yesterday I took the wrong train and ended up chasing MY train in a yellow cab, more about that and my breakfast with the King later!) and my Ipod buzzing Black Box Body Jam 44 in my ears, mmm! Why, what happened today? Spring I say :)

Springtime - when ecstasy seems the natural way to be and any other out of tune with the season of soul growth. Song, airy silence, a lively conversation between plants. No urgency about what’s get said or not said. We feel part of some hilarious nub pulling through the surface into light. The weather of Spring in Sweden is all one long extravagant absorption with ground and sky, the fragrances and what unfolds from within.

I guess it was all this that gave me the guts to ask a stranger on the street to take my pic on the fountain (believe it or not, but we became good friends and went for a coffee :)

The weekends quarterlies has been great (taught Body Balance and Body Jam in Karlstad and Halmstad), I love meeting other Les Mills instructors in Sweden, we do really have a great crew.

Kia Kaha!!!

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