Go, sis, Go!

Mo: Forget that I´m in Stockholm doing a 2 day kettlebell certification. Forget that I finally got to meet the absolutely lovely and normal guy who is going to marry our future queen. Forget that I´m lodged in an airport hotel, far, far away from any civilization with aeroplanes thundering back and forth, just a few hundred meters above the hotel roof....


She and M left for Varberg
around lunchtime and haven´t been heard from since! Well, actually, can you believe who just called??? Yes, it was sis. It is still too long between any labour pains, so she is going home to eat pizza and wait! My sister is the coolest!
Within maximum 3 days I will be an auntie - Welcome Daisy (or Milo)!

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anjelina said...

nice with new babies:)cute names:daisy/milo..hug