Functional training part 2

Mo: On the train, leaving Stockholm for Gothenburg. Tour date number 4 of 6 is accomplished. :)
Had a great day at FriskisoSvettis Karolinska, with a very positive, fun group of instructors of all ages. Cannot believe that we only have 2 dates left - and our last two days will take place just a few days after Mango comes back from the... Maldives. Maybe I will bite the bullet and do my second visit to a spray tanning salon after all... Although I just have to think back to that oily feeling that didn´t leave my skin for a week...or that patchy sort of dirty skin look that I sported after about 3h at a spinning convention in Italy, to realize I will have to be the pale one in April.
Top 3 things with the weekend:
1. Spending another working weekend with buddy and extremely professional Mango
2. Having participants that loved tough, simple training
3. Being able to deal with the situation when, on Saturday morning, we realize that there are no kettle bells and by 13.30 having 29 kbs in "da house".
Jez, have to stop writing now, before I throw up all over the seat. X2000 makes me so incredibly motion-sick!!!

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