If one apple a day keeps the amateur away...

Mo: I had a meeting with an insurance company this morning after my yoga class. I´m always suspicious towards insurance salesmen since it´s a bizarre business: cashing in on people´s fears and worries...

This meeting was long overdue, though...I´ve had a couple of people in my closest circle of friends and family that has been forced to seek medical help during the last year. The "help" that they have received has been scandalous, horrendous and absolutely disgraceful!

How some people attain their medical degree is a complete mystery!

How can they live with themselves, when after 3 minutes of talking (doing very bad at listening, indeed), they decide what is wrong with the patient, without even doing a proper examination?!

Do medical students spend a whole term perfecting the "stretching- out- for - the - prescription - pad"- gesture? At least that´s what I believe.

My sister saw 6 different doctors during the first 16 weeks of her pregnancy because of throwing up all over the place from coughing (+ the fact that she was pregnant of course, but the cough was out of this world). She went without sleeping for more than 3 months and had 6 different diagnoses. She was told she had astma, no astma, a virus, not a virus, an infection, no infection to end up being diagnosed with whooping cough - a children´s disease which she hadn´t been vaccinated against...but in the end not even that was a clear diagnose since her body eventually managed to heal itself.

So the point of the meeting with the insurance company: I want to find a good medical health care insurance. And I think I did. I will shop around a little bit more, but for less than 200SEK/month, I will have private health care at my finger tips. Luckily enough, I´m VERY rarely sick or ill, but if and when it happens, next time I will not have to spend anymore time with the nut cases "allmänläkare", anymore. Send me to a specialist, please-and within a week.

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