Healthy eating and silicone

Relaxing in our hotel room in Oslo

Mo: I SO wanted to give you two photographs with this thread (...and here they are a couple of days later...:)) One of Mango and me lying on our hotel bed, looking all hot and sexy and one of Mango´s foot bathing in silicone-... (No! Not that type of silicone...He´s wearing yogi toes... and yogi toes cannot be described - they have to be seen!...)...just slightly less sexy....

...see what I mean????...
the man, the foot, the legend...

We arrived in Oslo after about 4hrs on the train. Mango, my hero, had brought almonds, gojji beeries, walnuts and avacados for us. I seem to be surrounded by men who loves to feed me - I must be blessed. :)

Mango has (since our Luleå/Umeå weekend) requested suggestions on "What-healthy-eatable-things-to-bring-when-you-are-on-the-road"-list, so here goes:

Healthy eating on the road, according to Mango:

1. Avacados
2. Nuts
3. Freshly squeezed juice
4. Gojji beeries
5. ...and for worst case senarios, such as missed/delayed flights, miserable check-in staff, cancelled trains and bad weather: chocolate!

Tomorrow we´ll bring our Functional tour to Domus Atletica, here in Oslo and it´s sold out - ab fab!

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