Spring is in the air

Mo: I want to celebrate the fact that spring is in the air! I have no idea exactly how I know, but there is that particular smell to the evening air and a touch of reddish pink over the evening clouds and the sun sort of glows its last rays of the day in a special way and it makes me feel vibrant, energetic and completely alive.
How I look forward to this feeling every year and every dark, moody winter!

When I left for Stockholm last Thursday (at 6am in the morning!), there was that peculiar bluish, morning light that made me think of summer nights spent clubbing and arriving outside the club at 4-5am in the morning....with the sea gulls going crazy and the city still asleep. I cannot say that I miss clubbing (and I particularly don´t miss the hang overs that normally followed), but I do miss the feeling of walking the streets one of those warm, hazy, un-Christly early mornings, being one of very few people awake in a deserted, quiet city.

Maybe I´ll do it again this summer. Preferably in Barcelona, London or Florens... I´ll keep you posted.

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